Create a news website that hosts translated news articles from non English speaking countries.

News Seriously?

Making money from news is hard

In some ways this is an awful idea. At the moment news sites seem to be performing terribly and journalists are getting fired all over the shop. It seems like the only news sites making money are sites that put out superficial news or fake news.

Learn about other countries

As an English speaker, there's a lot of information locked away from me that's written in other languages. Would I be interested in hearing about a political scandal in Greece? Yes. Would I like to know about a power outage in Nigeria? Yes! Would I like to read some propaganda from North Korea? 100% Yes!

How to Get Started?

I'd start off by picking a few languages and a few countries. Then I think I would approach newspapers in those countries for permission to translate their articles and host them. Then I would hire some translators to translate the news articles.

How will it make money?

I'd like to avoid putting ads on the site. I'd much rather charge money for a monthly subscription. Perhaps we could use a freemium model where we allow users to view 10 articles per month or something.


  1. Is it necessary to put an agreement in place with the newspapers?
  2. If the articles are translated and rewritten are they new articles or are they derived?