Last Thursday was a pretty productive day. I focused on creating a tool that parses textual story data into a JSON structure for Girlfriend Plus Web's new engine. The stories in Girlfriend Plus are made up of Interactions that link to each other and branch out during decisions.

The Graph Story Editor

Earlier this year I spent a lot of time working on a Visual Story Editor because I thought that was the most logical format for writers. It took me almost a month to create the visual editor and when I used it to input a story I found it to be incredibly slow to work with. The main problem was it required a lot of clicking to make each interaction. Our writers write their stories using indentation to define nesting. Surely it's possible to generate a graph from a text file with indentations.

Writers indent lines to show branching

So that's basically what I finished up last Thursday. I added in support for more interaction types, parsed a real story into JSON, and pushed it up to dev and prod. You can try out the new story here

I took Friday off to go hike the third stage of the Maclehose trail. It's good being the boss.