I used to have a Wordpress blog with GoDaddy.com, I forgot to renew it and have no idea how to recover any of the posts. What a shame. I decided to setup a Ghost blog because they look good and Wordpress is massively complicated these days. I tried a few different approaches

Approach #1 - Lightsail Bitnami Ghost Instance

This seemed like a good way to go. I select the instance, and bam I had a blog. For some reason Bitnami thought I'd want to have a Bitnami banner on my page, I didn't. So I removed that. Then posted a few stories. Then I realised I wanted SSL. That wasn't too difficult. I logged onto the server, ran some Bitnami command and bam I was given an LetsEncrypt certificate and bam my blog was running SSL.

I poked around and discovered that images were being hosted from HTTP and while pages were hosted from HTTPS. This was causing images to not load. So I logged onto the server again, Googled some shit and discovered this:

People who do support for Open Source projects are the nicest people in the world

Okay that seemed to make sense. So I SSHed onto the server and ran the command. Then I went to my site, and was promptly redirect to

That wasn't where I wanted to be. I poked around a bit more and suspected the Apache config wasn't correct. I didn't want to debug it. So I mentally gave up and tried another approach.

Approach #2 - Pay Ghost to Host it for me

I looked at the pricing for a blog, $30 a month. Alright I can afford that. I clicked around set up an account, and wasn't able to get through some DNS bullshit to get my blog hosted.

I got stuck here and gave up

I searched around for a bit, couldn't find a solution and thought. Fuck this, onto approach number three.

Approach #3 - Rent a Ubuntu Server and "Self Host"

Hosting your own blog sounds like a massive pain in the ass, you need to run quite a few commands and install various things onto your server including:

  • MySql
  • Nginx
  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • Ghost CLI

This guide explained how to do everything really well. It more or less worked, but I had to remove some default Nginx config. Maybe I'll be a nice programmer and modify ghost-cli to remove the default Nginx config if it is present.

My blog is more or less working, images are showing up and I have SSL. So I'm happy.